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    Detroit has always been known for its entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, strong work ethic, and “do what it takes” attitude. But even the most business-savvy leaders would agree that in the current economic climate and the ever-changing competitive marketplace, it has never been more challenging for local businesses to remain relevant and profitable. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s time to learn about M3Linked™.

    M3Linked™ is a community, where its members have the opportunity to meet and build deep relationships with high-performing entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and more. Beyond networking and life-changing connections, M3Linked™ is a community…supporting business in Detroit and around Metro Detroit who want to be a part of this thriving region.

    If you want to connect, energize, and grow your business, apply to attend our next private M3Forum™.

    M3Linked™ is an exclusive community and membership is by invitation only. To be considered for membership, please check for upcoming experiences below.

    Complimentary tickets are reserved for all 1st-time guests based on availability.

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